Operating Room

Operating Room

We are proud that we can offer the greatest safety for your patients with our patent pending filter cartridge.

Every patient gets a new seal. All other traditional containers rely on reusable gaskets that have been proven to degrade over time.

Delivery of instruments to the sterile field becomes a dream!

With the outer door removed, the disposable filter cartridge is inspected. Trays are then removed and placed directly onto the sterile field. There is no need to hold trays in the air waiting for inspection to be done.

Compared to the current process of two people working together, The Turbett Surgical System allows one person to be able to unload the trays to the sterile field.

The Circulator no longer needs to be involved in the lifting, transfer and opening of each tray.

With just one filter cartridge to dispose of, waste is dramatically reduced, simplifying room set up.

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